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Clarification and Closing Comments

  • I am writing this last post to this blog to just state some things and hope to put this matter to rest as this blog page has become a subject on the ‘Thirty-One Consultants from all over’ Facebook page.  Someone does not believe the contents of conversation I had with CAGS, states that I speak of lies, to the point that they have taken my writings and this blog via copy and paste and have emailed it to Erin in CAGS (who I spoke to) and Cindy Monroe.  I am quoted by this same consultant the P&P and how what I am saying about the blog policy is inaccurate to what is written there so I am lying, that I misunderstand it and, how I must have done this or that….such as building this blog to soley promote my business and not as a blog that Thirty-One would be okay with….
  • For the record, this blog was within P&P standards as P&P standards were written in the pink book.  It did not comply in other ways, and these ways were not written or found in current P&P.  This blog was as the title states… ‘trials and triumphs as a 31 IndeCon.’  This blog was only for me and my fellow Feb 2011 31 Class.  There is no family postings and such because I have other blogs for that.  I have different blogs for different topics/audience.  For the one assuming this was built to self-promote business due to content about family and life, you are inaccurate.  Family was not the topic of this blog but neither was recruiting, promoting my business or selling stuff.  I definitely was not recruiting nor deterring my fellow February classmates for or from Thirty-One.
  • The info that was asked to be removed by CAGS was 1) Official Rules of the WAITLIST written by Thirty-One I had posted for others Feb Class members to see to let them know of what was allowed in recruiting for LIW because there were way too many who did not know the rules to it and were unintentionally breaking it.  And if someone who was not a consultant were to find the OFFICIAL rules on this page as copied and paste from Consultant’s web site, then they would have been informed and perhaps not become victim or tricked to signing up under someone who had told them it was the OFFICIAL Corporate Sign Up page when it really was an unknown consultant they have never met.  I posted the rules only because there were plenty of websites and consultants stating that THEIR external 31 Sales Blog or REPLICATED website (an address that we are not allowed to have posted even in family blogs) was the actual OFFICIAL company wait list.  2) The C&C Papers asked to be removed was the Compensation Plan to share how rewarding “Growing with 31 can be” that many of the February 31 ladies did not get because they did not attend a local C&C meeting.  My intent was that they would be inspired to grow their team with Thirty-One despite the hard times and innability to grow a team at the moment.  3) The logo that was asked to be removed said “Thirty-One Independent Consultant” as seen on our car stickers.  I posted that logo only after someone asked what I had done or written on my Thirty-One car sticker.  I thought that posting was P&P compliant as it stated that any use of the 31 logo had to clearly identify us as Independent Consultant and that being an active current consultants give us the right to use 31 logos. I thought it was ok and was surprised to have it removed.  And all this removal, I did immediately.  I had a lot of questions but I complied.  She read through everything with me and okay’d everything else on there.  So when she gets an email from the person who said she has copied and pasted all I have written, the only thing new are these 2 posts defending myself and apologizing, clarifying and my attempt to close this matter.
  • So again, for the record, this blog was not to recruit or sell or promote my business, this was a page for reference for me and to share a few  things with fellow Feb 2011 consultants, and to help my fellow 31 newbies and not to have a one up on anyone.  I am not bitter, I love Thirty-One.  I have to work harder because I have greater odds with babies and no car, things are stacked against me to succeed in this business due to my personal circumstances, but the wonderful thing is that I know I just like any body else.  All I need is time, sweat, tears, and just take a lot more work than it may be for another consultant and I am ok with that =)
  • I am well aware about what the P&P says, and remember my convo with CAGS so clearly and that day on the phone I was very clear to point out the inaccuracies between the P&P and what I was verbally being told.  I had the P&P open in front of me, going through Section 4 with her.  I was ready to ask questions for clarity.  I called her, they did not call me.  I stated to  Erin that what she was saying and what was on paper were either 1) was not clear/vague or 2) totally different from each other.  I asked how can that be that she expect I go off verbal vs written.  She said that they were coming out with a new online policy that day or the following day and at that moment relaying the most recent information and guidelines and that the one coming out in August will be very clear and how one section will not clash with another as it does at the moment,  be verbal vs. written, open for interpretation to vagueness. I asked for a “clear” hard copy because of all the inconsistencies in the current one and she said to just wait.  New “clearer” rules for online and guidelines for facebook was coming within 24 hours of us speaking.  That was May 31 and as of today, June 9, I, along with everyone else, am still waiting for that updated online policy.
How all this “clarifying” came about was unintentional to say the least.  The thread on a board topic was how others blatantly break P&P rules.  My posting the link to this log page intended for Feb 2011 31ers was only to show what was OK’d CAGS site as of May 31, 2011.  It was meant, again, as a learning tool for fellow consultants.  ‘Is Thirty-One for You’ got picked up far from my original intent because at the same moment, April 8, there were ladies doing really obscene and vulgar things via words against 31.  Perhaps the heat of the moment and not clear on why I shared my this page in the first place, while at the same time someone badmouthing on 31’s FB sites and the natural tendency to defend a great company, I see how I got the reactions that I did.  If I could only speak to each one face to face and apologize for what has come up – my intentions or not – I would.  And I have done all the apologizing I could.  Little did I know that “my teaching opportunity” of what was allowed by CAGS would be viewed as anything but and I called a liar and that I am insulting.  After many words, the following is what I had stated on the board and what I hope is my final last words to this matter:
  • Ladies I am sorry to ruffle feathers. I was being sarcastic when i posted that. Feel free to send it [name removed], like I said she already saw it. Erin n I had a fine conversation. I was laughing n sarcastic with her as well. Me and cags are cool. I left the page up and posted as an example of what a CAGS okd page is… No 31 pics or logos. What ugly 31 pic is on there? No Erin did not tell me to write that but I asked “are u saying that you are not allowing blogs to pr She did not tell me to write that. I did ask
  • sorry about typo… the iphone is hard to write with….what i meant to say…. in our 30 min + convo, first she said that blogs are not allowed because it is unfair that some women can afford it while some cannot. i told her it is free to learn and free to make, then she said that everyone does not know how to blog so it is unfair. so i asked Erin, “Are you saying that the reason you are not allowing blogs to promote business is because it is unfair to someone who does not care to learn or make one so therefore you must stop everyone else from doing so for the sake of those who do not care to do the same for themselves?” Her answer, “Yes, and we provide replicated web sites so that it is fair and everyone is on the same playing field.” I am well aware that I am writing this and you can send this to Erin. I have no intention of lying or making things up. I love Thirty-One stuff and the ladies I have met here, my customers, and the business. No one except for the Feb Class 2011 knew of that page. I was not trying to bash. And I was not mocking motherhood. I love motherhood. I love my 2 babies and just being sarcastic about how one can get engulfed in anything 31 or not and there are other more important things to be done. Again, I am sorry. I have no intention of causing someone to stumble and fall or offend a brother or sister.
  •  I do not know how many more ways I can say what I have already said in addition to I’m sorry for coming off the wrong way. I do not intend to make anyone feel less or insulted as a mom. Of course, we can be successful as a 31 consultant as a mother, no doubt about that. i was only sarcastically stating the already obvious… our kids should be well taken care of elsewhere when we do shows and vendor events. we can all agree on that, yes? i am not for the neglecting of kids and i was not stating we do that if we work for 31 or saying anyone will. I too have to leave for parties and I ensure I have quality care for them when I am away for a little bit because after God and husband are my children. I am not saying Don’t do 31 or do 31. the intent of that post was to make someone think before doing 31 or any business because it is hard work. And being told that I can only do face to face and stay offline as far as business, it will be harder work, i assumed (with us having only 1 car and hubby works all day and nights too) but God proved me wrong because after taking all my links and reference to my 31 replicated site, God gave me 4 parties that came from face to face interactions, not blogs. i am not on a high horse and like most everyone else, i have many times where i struggle to balance it all and have the most admiration to those that do it all so well. have a beautiful day ladies. God Bless you all in your business.

To those who see my previous post as NEGATIVE and wondering why I am with Thirty-One

I am sorry if you see my brutal honesty and truth in my “memoirs” so negative. what i wrote there is based on what I have been told by upline and CAGS themselves. It was in a sarcastic tone but that is the limits of online – you would not know that and the reader already on a defense mode would definitely read that as something else. CAGS did not ask me to remove any of it because it is true. None of it is a lie. And as we sat on the phone together, I asked about everything on it and they confirmed what I wrote was accurate. They can stand behind all of that. When they found my page, that was already there. Why am I still with 31? I am selling 31 because I love their products, i have 2 ladies in waiting and I tell them all there is to know – good and bad – because I do not want them doing what all the LIW are doing when it come to blogs or FB or be disillusioned thinking that everything here is peachy. I am a realist and i will not apologize for that. CAGS said that I would be taken off if I do not comply with what they told me to do and I have complied with everything. @Judy, Yes P&P says that blogs are allowed – I pointed that out to them. But they said that blogs, as 31 defines it is personal day to day living and not business. No links to our 31 replicated sights or any information to business is allowed. Yes I was upset about their blog policy but you know what… I am over it. Business is booming and none of it was a result of my blogging. This blog by the way is only 1 of 10 blogs and I have always presented and continue to represent [Thirty-One] in a positive light.

Is Thirty-One right for You?

The following is not to be used as an iron rod to determine your final decision in joining Thirty-One.  This is merely my opinion and based on personal experience.  You are individually unique.

YES  – if you have a large face to face network.

NO – if you are seeking an online based business and market your replicated website.  You are not to promote online – except Facebook or if you are a Director with a password protected site.  All other websites or webpages to promote your Thirty-One business deemed as “external websites” are forbidden.  I am unsure about paid advertisements or  articles about you that promote your website’s link.

YES – if you constantly buy the products.  A 25% discount would be a good thing for the wallet.

NO – if you have a knack for buying things to promote your Thirty-One business from people on or elsewhere.  Any one seller selling products alluding to Thirty-One are frowned upon by Directors in varying degrees.  My Director said that such sellers must be approved first by home office before consultants are to be buying from them.  In othr words, you must ask permission from home office if the seller is approved, to be in compliance, and risk unforeseen consequences.  Note that asking for permission may cause the seller unintended negative consequences as well.

YES – If you are not an online type of person and care not to to be one.  Though you will face competition from non-compliant online promotion by Thirty-One consultants, Thirty-One’s company policy favor those who do not know how to maneuver online nor know how to create a way to drive business through SEO’s or a simple blog with a registered URL.

NO – if you do not have your own transportation, outlets, or means to find clients in everyday living.

YES – for those seeking refuge from online competiton from fellow consultants.  Through there would be much less “online promotion” with Thirty-One as they prohibit such, while other direct seller companies promote the use of online means through blogs, registered websites, and all forms of social media, Thirty-One stated that they have adopted a policy that would keep consultants in a non-threatening, non-competition, and a spirit of cohesiveness.

NO – if you have kids that need constant attention.  This does take some time.

YES – if your kids leave you alone or are well taken care of elsewhere.

NO – if you don’t like asking “Mother may I?” for everything from upline because not everything is in the P&P or not that clear.

YES – if you can find an amazing sponsor.

NO – if you loathe your upline or Director.

YES – if you need an excuse to do something else other than mothering… but then… why not choose an outlet other than Thirty-One?

The Official Thirty-One Waitlist is open – Read the Official Rules!

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As per Thirty-One, I had to remove this.  Grab the pink P&P from someone you know.

My first “real”party

closed today.  I held it on the night of the 15th of April in Vista (San Diego), CA.  There were 8 ladies there and it was a lot of fun.  The ladies themselves were just really neat people and found that I had a lot in common with this queen bee host.  We opened up with celebrating friendships and speaking some kind words of the host.  After we had gone around the room, some ladies said, “Wow, I want a party now!”

The ladies definitely took advantage of the half-off All-in-One  Organizer for April.  Some did not, so I scooped them up to give as gifts.

The total came to over $900 in retail items.  Someone who could not make it ordered via phone Monday morning.  Another added to a existing order.

The host hit the $500 mark so she was able to have $90 in free items, 3 half-priced items in addition to taking advantage of the customer special as a customer.  I scooped up the rolling tote and the towels since she did not care for them.  One for my daughter and one for my son on the towels and the rolling tote for my Stella & Dot business.

This party made me a “qualified” consultant after many months of frustrations.  My upline does get to have a portion of her conference covered and I feel good knowing I’ve helped her.

I did take forever to input all the orders in and checked everything over 10 times.  At the rate I was going, I probably was getting paid minimum wage or less.  Next time it will be a breeze.

Yea, I pretty much already spent my commission check on future gifts but it is part of doing business.

I have not been a real mom lately because i turn tunnel vision when it comes to transactions and business, so tonight, despite being so tired, I will clean and tomorrow I will be Super-Mom.

my Thirty-One Bags for my Stella & Dot

I carry my bags to parties.  I carry bags in bags because that is what we do and what 
we sell.  
But what about other "party" companies that have stuff?  
Someone asked in the Yahoo Group, 
"What would be the bag to sell to another direct-selling company 
like "Stella & Dot?"

So I replied with the following:
I do Thirty-One and S&D so i hope this helps... 

things i would consider...

i would use the LUT for our jewelry trays so it doesn't roll 
around in the car but the more fashionable way to go and I 
can assume is a better seller to customer and the consultant:

the Weekender, Cindy Tote, Medium Purse, and the Rolling Tote
all in the Brown.  It will never go out of style as Brown is 
part of S&D's logo and the lettering can be Aqua. 
Hot pink is another they use on their website.  

It is a great way to cross promote business.  
I was doing a 31 party and they asked about my S&D necklace.  
I said I was not at liberty to speak about it at this time 
but will do so when we close the party.  Before leaving, 
the host told me she would love to do a S&D party.  I hope 
the same for my 31 when I leave a S&D party.

As per P&P, we cannot sell it at the same time but we can use
and wear things and that shows a lot of good for the 
products we endorse and sell.

Happy Selling!

What did you put on your Thirty-One car Sticker?

For me I had:

Company Logo with “Independent Consultant” removed as per CAGS.  They said that this is their property.  Hello?!!  As of this request, I am an independent consultant.  I bought rights, right?

MY 31 blog WEBSITE (no longer applicable as no longer allowed)

Ask Me for a FREE Catalog!

my phone number